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Cinnamon rolls for pick up San Diego
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Cinnamon Roll

Bearclaw $2.25

Puff pastry  baked with almond paste and sliced almonds

Cheese Danish $2.25

Puff pastry baked with cream cheese and almond paste

Apricot Danish $2.25

Puff pastry baked with apricot preserves and almond paste

Cherry Danish $2.25

Puff pastry baked with cherry preserves and almond paste

Apple Turnovers $2.25

Puff pastry triangle filled with fresh apple and almond paste

Almond Raspberry Croissants $2.25

Traditional croissant dough baked with raspberry, almond paste, and sliced almonds

Cinnamon Rolls $2.25

Soft Danish dough baked with cinnamon sugar and topped with breakfast icing

Scones $2.25

Traditional British scone baked with raisins